Arms of Louis d’Arpajon

Viscount of Arpajon 1601-1650, marquis of Sévérac 1601-1679, later duke of Arpajon 1650-1679 (1601-1679)

Blazon: Per quarterly I gules a cross clechée, voided, and pommettée of twelve or (Toulouse), II argent four palets gules (Sévérac), III gules a harp or (Arpajon), IV azure between three fleurs-de-lis or a bendlet couped gules (Bourbon-Roussillon); overall in the fess point an escutcheon gules a cross argent*
*This rendering seems to be slightly inaccurate; Bourbon-Roussillon is usually depicted with a bendlet sinister raguly gules debruising the fleurs-de-lis, and the cross in the escutcheon should probably be a Maltese cross, since Arpajon was a Knight of Malta and had no connection to Savoy.


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