Arms of Seville, Spain (province)

Blazon: Azure on a floor chequy argent and sable, three gothic arches or, therein the figure of a king seated on a throne, crowned and bearing a sword and orb proper, habited of the second, robed gules between two cardinals proper bearing croizers or; on a base vert the motto “NO8DO” of the last

The main escutcheon is surrounded by ten smaller escutcheons. Their blazons, counterclockwise, are: argent on an escutcheon azure a sun in splendor or (Écija); or on a base vert a tower triple-towered proper between two bears rampant combatant sable (Osuna); gules a horse saliant argent, saddled and bridled proper (Morón de la Frontera); per fess I argent two arrows in saltire and one in pale sable, II or a lion rampant gules crowned azure (Marchena); argent a bunch of grapes vert leafed proper (Estepa); azure between two pillars argent, a forest proper, issuant therefrom a sun in spendor or (Sanlúcar la Mayor); or on a base a tree eradicated ensigned by a crown, all proper (Lora del Río); or a base azure surmounted by two doves volant in pale argent (Cazalla de la Sierra); per fess, I argent on a pale or between two trees eradicated a tower proper, II argent on a bridge over water in base proper, a bull statant sable and a horse trippant of the field, respectant (Utrera); and azure a molet of eight points argent within a bordure compony gules a castle triple-towered or, windowed azure (Castile) and or a lion rampant gules crowned azure (Carmona).


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