Arms of René of Anjou

Also known as “Good King René”, King of Naples 1435-1480 (titular after 1442), titular King of Jerusalem 1438-1480, King of Aragon 1466-1480, Duke of Bar and Count of Piedmont 1430-1480, Duke of Lorraine 1431-1453, Duke of Anjou and Count of Provence 1434-1480 (1409-1480)

Blazon: Party of six, I barry of eight gules and argent (Hungary ancien), II azure seme de lis or, a label of four points gules (Anjou), argent a cross paté between four crosses or (Jerusalem), IV azure seme de lis or within a bordure gules, V azure seme of cross crosslets fitchy, two barbels hauriant addorsed or (Bar); VI or on a bend gules three alerions argent (Lorraine)

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