(Reposted with permission from eidolan– see source for original post.)

Upper left:

I. Thomas Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton- Azure a cross or between four doves close argent

II. Stephen Gardiner, Bishop Chancellor- Per pale the first gules two keys in bend or and argent, a sword in bend sinister argent pommeled of the second, with the blade laying between the shafts of the keys; the second azure on a cross or between four wolves’ heads erased argent a crown gules

III. Philip and Mary- Per pale, the first quarterly of Castile (gules a tower or) and Leon (argent a lion rampant gules); the second quarterly of France and England

Upper right:

I. Sir Henry Seymour- Gules a pair wings conjoined in lure or

II. Bishop Richard Fox- Per pale the first gules two keys indorsed in bend the uppermost argent, the other or, a sword of the second hilted and pommeled of the third interposed between  the second azure a pelican in her piety or

III. William Wareham, Archbishop Chancellor- Per pale the first azure on a pall argent edged and fringed or four cross crosslets fitchy sable, in chief a cross crosslet of the second fitchy of the third; the second gules a fess or between a stag’s head erased* in chief and three escallops in base 2 and 1, all argent

Lower left:

I. Queen Elizabeth- quarterly France and England

II. Sir Francis Walsingham- Paly of six argent and sable, a fess gules

III. Sir Benjamin Tichborne- Vair a chief or, in the center chief point an escutcheon argent charged with a dexter hand erect gules (the Red Hand of Ulster)

Lower right:

I. Thomas Wolsey, Cardinal Bishop Chancellor- Sable on a cross invecked argent a lion passant guardant gules center point and four leopard’s faces azure, overlying all a chief or charged with a rose gules between two cocks sable*

II. William Paulet, Marquis of Winchester- Sable three swords argent hilted and pommeled or, points to the center base 

III. Richard Baron Rich, Chancellor- Gules a chevron between three crosses botony or 

*Required some research. 

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