Birds, from Scottish Heraldry Made Easy, pg. 54

A. Eagle displayed

B. Double-headed eagle displayed

C. Eagle’s head erased

D. Falcon rising; also seen as falcon rising, wings addorsed and inverted

E. Goshawk perched on a stock

F. Owl close; owls are never shown in profile

G. Crane (always shown standing on one foot, clutching a stone, which is termed its vigilance when a different color)

H. Heron

I. Pelican in her piety- the customary position for pelicans

J. Popinjay close 

K. Cock

L. Swallow or hirondelle. Note that the martlet (commonly borne as a cadency mark) have the same shape as swallows, but without any visible legs. 

M. Peacock close

N. Peacock in pride

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